lost sheep

No, I’m no communist, and not that it would matter today. This is for those that shout about the need for parents and home being/providing the core of a child’s education. For those that shout foul at the idea of shifting the blame for the inability of the system to reach {for the higher ideals of education with respect to morals and ethics (whassat?)} standards hoped for, with respect to the capabilities of the students in the west- meaning of course those in the USA and the UK-  as compared with and substandard to those of Asian students, upon the state.

 There are those of the view that the parents need to spend more time with children under fourteen if they are to develop behaviour that is more socially correct, morally acceptable, and as for simple curriculum, at least in competition with the Asian counterparts. The two main objects being propagated and sought, more parental involvement with their children- spending more time at home, and not blaming the state. Intelligent idea. But alas, you forget that your State is You. Or have we forgotten with time that the System is of our making? Woe be upon us! The system we chose, does not allow place for nor time to waste on family. We have chosen a capitalist, materialistic way of life where the free market must hold sway. The system is about going and getting- all that we would want for the betterment and fulfilment of our lives . Unfortunately ( ha ha, maybe you didn’t know) the demand and supply in a so called free market (as being pushed by the capitlist idealists so far) is about neverending demand fuelled by the creation of more wants and needs and voila neverending supply. The family system under the circumstances has broken down from large joint families, to smaller units, to nuclear, and now singular ! So you stop wasting your time talking parenthood and children in a time when  liberty is about  freedom to do as we want, go where we want, to live all those dreams that we learn in our system to dream. In a time when marriages are looked down upon as outre and impossible to sustain amongst males and mainly the poor long enslaved fairer sex who are finally equal enough and strong enough  to want and get part of  all that liberty and all those more acceptable, more cherished dreams the world has to offer. There is no place for family in the system, as has been proved ( we couldn’t be blind). And children !!! That is just unnecessary baggage, and a thing some of those lesser men and women errantly do. So stop talking nonsense and concentrate on the better things to do. And if you EVER want to think or talk such subject, think afresh and anew. Waste not your time; Flounder not like lost sheep.         


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