where Fairplay?

Why all the hue and cry and sudden ‘concern’ over Chinese trade policies?  We cried foul against the communists and their protectionist market policies. We bashed them across their heads all these years for their dark, cold, demonic ways and had the Church and Media and the world condemn them to eternal hell, poor folk! (Let’s skip the errant Russian souls running around with their version of the free market for now.) The Chinese decided to play our game and now that it seems they have the free market by the scruff of the neck and are dragging it happily around, trying to play our game the best they can and actually doing pretty well! It appears rather unsporting that we want to come up with new laws and checks on the game that never seemed to exist before. Are some people looking like crybabies here, and the respected USA behaving like the typical hurt bully?


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