Caution: Plant Genetic Engineering

This with regard to plant genetic engineering. Creativity fuelled by the developments and discoveries of worldwide scientific research coupled with the easy availability of material and knowledge, when indulged in at ‘garage’ level, is bound to spawn complex problems in future.

We continue to ignore the fact that plantlife being an easy human target continues to be treated as something abstract. It’s time we began to treat and understand plants as a living thing. So much noise about humanity and animals rights by activists, but apart from deforestation vis a vis the environment plants are not understood as much else.

 Take note that we are playing, in genetic engineering, with that most important lifeform that feeds humanity and all life on this planet- indirectly if not directly- almost singlehandedly, maintains the balance of the soil- in its natural existence, and helps in maintaining the environmental and ecological balance (and relate this to land, air and water and all  living things on this planet). The culture of seeds and plants to increase yield to meet the needs of a growing world population or the fancy of creativity without too many checks and controls, is playing dangerously and callously with the laws of nature, which – accept it you brains out there, look at your daily weather forecasts and rate yourselves honestly for a change- we dare not pretend to know too much about and especially with regard to plantlife since THAT is one form of life which despite it’s cardinal importance does not draw too much attention as plants do not bleed or scream their pain.

All seeds and plants are in their current state of being through eons of development and change in their genes, in their shape and form and nature. Nature has its way of doing away with those that would interfere or go against it’s laws or against the very existence of its vast system. That the plants and seeds of today have undergone that ruthless test and survived/ been allowed to survive speaks volumes of their value to the this good earth. To change them with the limited knowledge we have for experiments’ sake or the needs of today or to engineer new breeds must be done only if need be and that with caution. A new drive is the need of the day to make aware the world of the importance of plantlife and need also of renewed endevour to learn more of plants and their importance in this our system.


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