The Book of the Saint

… And what is Deceit? The babe enquired of the old man.
The traveller smiled at the darkening horizon, his eyes reflecting the colors of the evening skies. Tis about embracing a friend and then stabbing him in the back, little one. Deceit is the will of evil and slave to Temptation. It comes mixt in the alluring silver streams that spring from the darkness of the Deep. Those that drink of the one, must then feed, on all others three, Betrayal and  Avarice and Greed. And in that sustenance draw darkness closer around them and be further from light of life; seek a more pleasureable path and be part of Another’s darker strife. 

 Deceit is all those lies, which must cause hurt and maim and bleed, that must be told to those that trust and those that love and those that have faith, by those slave to that vice. Which oozes from that Deep, which the angels fallen must keep, Where Archangel fallen from grace, waits proud in the darkness to reap.

The babe wondered. 

Don’t you fret that little head over it. The wise man said and smiled. Time to go home, little one, and soon time to sleep.


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