Truths about the Environment and Us

Does it even surprise people that there are only about 1500 Tigers of a kind remaining of an entire species? Do we raise an eyebrow even ? Do we care at all what happens to them or any other species (or even our own as long as we are not immediately and directly affected)?
Even as we read this, there are a MULTITUDE of lifeforms on the verge of extinction, others going extinct without perhaps our even knowing they ever existed. Of the more visible, Birds and Fish and other wild animals, Plantlife, and life-sustaining resources such as Rivers and Lakes, Land, Air and even the Oceans are being pushed by our actions ( and/or inactions) into a stage or state or statistic from where a reversal to life is impossible. The position of Insects – too minute and inconsequential in the chain of life to bother recording.
In bringing to an end a species as prominent and well known – visible – as the TIGER, we face the simple, frightening truth that the Human race is absolutely incapable of protecting the Environment from disaster. That all the talk and so-called effort at protecting or preserving all that is necessary for sustaining our environment is an eyewash and sham. The human race proves itself to be the most efficient of all parasites, devouring more, and more variety, more efficiently, at a faster pace than perhaps all other species put together, of the planet Earth it infests. Indeed our race shows a voracious appetite and unlike other life species consumes all that it can while finding new ways of consumption (use) for that which first hand may appear to be nonconsumable. Adaptive, ingenious, voracious consumers, creating at that same fast pace, more waste than any other species. Also,the only species that generates more waste and NON Bio-degradable waste than any other species on Earth.
But we stalk Tigers for now. The pleasure being in the fact that these will be the last few Tiger Hunts. Before we finally run out of those wonderful once proud cats. The World Wildlife Fund, the Animal Rights groups, Environmental Watch, THE ‘PROJECT TIGER‘, you name the rest… . ALL the kings horses and all the Kings’ (sic) men. If you could not save the Tiger from extinction you can save nothing. Accept it. It’s only a question of time. That much talked of final hour must come. Until then, all the lies and sham and play acting at finding more responsibility in a species that could go down in universal History as nothing more than a crude Parasite – with voracious appetite, feeding of the Planet it would infest and, in the end, destroy in its reckless gluttony.
Tigers today because the Tiger is one noticeable (?) milestone in our chequered path to total destruction.


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