In Defence of Libya

I beg all those that would label me, I’m not ‘anti West/ern’ or anti USA. BUT the UN resolution 1970/ 1973 about Libya is definitely all that the UN cannot be standing for. The coalition lead by the USA against Libya- read ‘Gadhafi’- is transparently half baked and overtly US agenda to overthrow the Libyan Government. The US and its allies have used the media- I do not hesitate to name the CNN and the BBC which appear to have lost all credibility as internationally acclaimed independent, neutral News agencies. Shame indeed that News agencies, the BBC in particular ( it is widely accepted post Iraq and Afghanistan that the CNN is just a US mouthpiece ), should stoop to the level it has done with the Libyan issue in that it has been unashamedly misreporting and overtly supporting armed rebellion in a Sovereign State while it tarnishes the image of the existing government and indulges in biased reporting in order to garner public and international support for the armed rebellious groups.

The agenda of the Developed Nations – the USA and allies – regarding the Middle East, North Africa, most other African nations, Asia, is clear and evident and  not hidden from the international community and peoples of these regions anymore. If there are any left who have some doubt, they, too shall be convinced post Libya and after what is happening in the region right now. Sad indeed, that the USA, today the most powerful one Nation in the world appears to be riding a wave of misplaced zeal. Rather sad, that its new leadership does not think about riding rough over smaller, weaker Nations and Governments and people. Sad, too, the US policy of fragmenting and weakening other Nations and people in order to maintain their own position of power. Why does a great Nation with a greater future continue to stick to policy that is bound to bring not just itself but perhaps in its falling ( or overzealous effort to keep it place) the entire world to a dangerous state of being?

 Make no mistake, the world is beginning to see the USA as a bully that brags and swaggers unashamedly amidst the international community and loves its own voice too much to hear anyone else. The attitude, the policies, the action in Libya and the MiddleEast (at present) all reek of a false sense of invincibility; a belligerent cowboy attitude lost in its own reason, refusing to think twice, to think anew and deeper. All because of the seeming successes it has enjoyed over the past. The USA appears to forget that it may have attained freedom long ago but that its a brand new chapter in history post the second World War and since then has been only some over fifty years. Why does it apper it’s policies have been constanly anti Governments and anti People of other nations (as would appear to the common man) and that it has gone out of its way having used ALL possible measures- propaganda and action covert and overt- in furtherance of these policies. A little over half a century is not too much time. The USA needs to sit back (whether it has time OR NOT) and think anew. The international situation (contrary to the US effort at control and peace) could be at a crucial juncture and crossroads. A desperate people and desperate Governments could, by the current trend of action of the developed world led by the USA be pushed into a corner or state where perhaps terrorism and God alone knows what other ‘ism’ may well be the only recourse left to them if they are to lead more peaceful and better lives. The USA’s statements like ‘bombing … back into the dark ages’ and others of the kind are not lost upon the people they affect. The USA might be pleased to see the result- those people with all lost roaming their dark ages with guns supplied by the developed natons- but it is those people that will matter in the end and THAT state of being which shall challenge our system and bring upon us a chaos that may with all our political and military and economic might be hard to contain. I hope we shall not bring it to THAT DAY.

The UN resolution’s demand for ceasefire of the Gadhafi Government is gross and absurd. It can obviously not be met because the handful of armed rebels continue to gain ground and continue to roam armed and at large. The resolution should have been about BOTH parties maintaining a ceasefire and a status quo. How blatantly stupid that the Government of a nation be disarmed or told to ceasefire or maintain it  if the rebelling parties continue to maintain their arms and gain ground taking advantage of that ceasfire? The propaganda machinery of  the UN Coalition forces in Libya and their military actions in combination cannot blind the world. The entire action is so obviously and transparently motivated by reasons other than peace and the protection of the Libyan civilians. If peace and the safety of  civilian population were a reason, Yemen and Bahrain and the UAE would be right now facing UN sanctions too. The world may stand by and do nothing this time, but the entire story and its import shall not be lost on the impressionable people and generations of today. And somewhere down the road of time we shall reap what we sow . Do we believe that ? Or is religion and the Holy Book, like it is widely believed by now only an object and reason and means to push the political and socio-economic welfare of the Western world and cause divide and unrest amonst peoples of other nations?

 The USA lead coalition has severly undermined the importance and credibility of the United Nations. It has made the UN look very small and rather pathetic as an internationally acclaimed body of nations aimed at maintaining some sense amongst the chaos of the world. Today it’s just a lackey of the USA, compelled to do the bidding of a few powerful nations. It has no soul and no heart. Surely, overtly militarily aiding armed rebellion by a handful of groups against athe Government of a sovereign Nation could not have been among its ideals. It is surely not a body of nations meant to foist and fuel and help rebellion against other nations.

The leading Press and News media in the world, ‘would be’ ideals for a free press and freedom of speech and expression, reduced to being the propaganda machinery of their mentor states, going beyond themselves to push the agenda of their own nations (sadly,understandably), the UN and other states of the world compelled to support or reduced to the level of mere spectators while Nations powerful today use any excuse to wage war against countries for their own selfish soci-political or economic goals. The events current do not auger well for a world that seeks global peace and harmony. It does not auger well for the global community as envisioned for the coming decades. Indeed there is a very quiet despair midst the populations of the world and in the air, the smell of a new global tyranny and the danger of a new form of global dictatorship. I do not wish to sound ‘alarmist’  but yes, the end of Gadhafi’s Libya in the manner of the US coalition could well be the beginning of a new and dangerous era.


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