The Fence Sat Upon

In the free world where freedomS are promised, guaranteed even, the yoke of so-called responsibility comes as an automatic choice. Those freedoms come with limitations born with the price of that freedom itself. Chains of another kind. Bonds of our choosing yet bonds that newer generations will not have the option to reject.They shall be born with the yoke and shackles chosen by those that came before. Paradox indeed that today’s freedom is tomorrow’s slavery. Ironic indeed, and tragic that there must be bloody and violent revolutions today against systems, leaderships and governments chosen in the past with equal fervour, wisdom and even sacrifice of life.

Does all the wisdom and zeal of the past and present forget to take into account that the choices of today may be unacceptable tomorrow? That the freedoms and liberties of today may be shackles upon the generations of tomorrow? Was it/IS it failure of foresight? Or at the very beginning the intent of those come to power to preserve their self-righteousness and the prevalence of the systems of their choice over the generations of tomorrow under all circumstances? To leave no choice but that of violent revolution to the masses that may be disillusioned tomorrow?

All of History says that no system can last forever. That every order, with time, must give way to new. Why, in that case, do not the┬áConstitution of Nations today provide for peaceful transition if and when things do come to such a head? Is it shortsightedness? Or is it the understanding that if the masses do get disillusioned to the extent they would reject every word and law of that system? Perhaps one or both. But keeping History in mind perhaps the more secure and powerful nations of today should start in the direction and consider including in their ‘mighty right’ constitutions clauses and radical ( no, not war and military and forceful reaction) measures to meet such a situation IF it SHOULD ┬ácome around. ‘If ‘ because every system would like to believe itself almighty and righteous beyond reproach and infallible. ‘Should’ because, eventually the disillusionment must come and the time for change.

Until then they would wait,

those that sit on the fence.

In disagreement and doubtful,

0f the greener pastures fenced for them.


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