( The Book of The Saint )

Little eyes wide. Horror and bewilderment. “Shall the rain not cease to fall? And this storm! Shall it not ease? Is this the end of the world? Do ye not hear the clamour and screams? Can ye not bid the winds stop, wise one ? And if ye ask, will the Gods not bend ?  What of  today, of which ye talk, what of  my tomorrow’s dreams?”

The wise man straightened, still deep in thought, his eyes still on the ground, ” Is it not enough, that we are reminded today ? That we shall think of nothing but our nothingness. That, and of all we so covet our pride and splendour razed to the ground and washed away. Is it not enough that today we shall think nothing except of  the Gods above and of us? And tomorrow, lad,” he said, ” tomorrow, your chance; your turn to build. From the rubble and carnage to salvage – having been reminded, to build better still under warmer sun and livelier breath of wind.” A wizened old hand patted the babe on the head, ”Sleep now, little one, quiet until the storm doth ease.”


The Book of the Saint

… And what is Deceit? The babe enquired of the old man.
The traveller smiled at the darkening horizon, his eyes reflecting the colors of the evening skies. Tis about embracing a friend and then stabbing him in the back, little one. Deceit is the will of evil and slave to Temptation. It comes mixt in the alluring silver streams that spring from the darkness of the Deep. Those that drink of the one, must then feed, on all others three, Betrayal and  Avarice and Greed. And in that sustenance draw darkness closer around them and be further from light of life; seek a more pleasureable path and be part of Another’s darker strife. 

 Deceit is all those lies, which must cause hurt and maim and bleed, that must be told to those that trust and those that love and those that have faith, by those slave to that vice. Which oozes from that Deep, which the angels fallen must keep, Where Archangel fallen from grace, waits proud in the darkness to reap.

The babe wondered. 

Don’t you fret that little head over it. The wise man said and smiled. Time to go home, little one, and soon time to sleep.

Under Seige

I am besieged . Pressured by the world into this dark corner from which I want not out. But someone help me, please.. my soul is dying. 

Iam besieged by loathing and hatred. And the frightening primitive law of survival of the fittest, that primeval craft a finer art now, honed to its most modern to fit into the world order of today, with newer ways to suit better the present way of life and the present system we call the modern developed world. I imagine I had a better chance then, when ages ago humanity (!) was still at a more primitive stage, perhaps even when barbarian. Only the weapons and the means have changed. The clothes are different. The languages spoken are different. Technologies make everything more global. We have the capabilities to strike more fatally today, strike harder, faster and further and engage larger targets. We are still the same. Apes and barbarians with a different language, a different sense of dress. Now we can do more comfortably and in a more organised manner and with better resources the very things we did back then. The dimensions have grown, we have our Systems, our Governments and our greedily consumed resources to aid our primate ways.

There is, in our Barbarian hands now, a very Primitive technology  as a machine gun in the hands of an enterprising, clever monkey. All the rest gathered around would look in awe and clap their hands in raucus glee at the few shots fired into distant tree. The sight of the slick, formidable and alien looking weapon. The heroic wielder of the gun. The awe inspiring sound of the shots. The amazing smell of gunpowder. The effect upon the tree. And the possibilities! Mesmerizing.

Not an eyebrow raised. Not a voice in the crowd shouting no ! when … Some such apes gather together and to ‘find out’  if there is water on a moon, BOMB IT. Clapping all around at the awesome deed done! At the ‘discovery’ of water!  No thought that there might be, perhaps thriving, perhaps hopeful, the last brave remnants of life where there is water… ! Give me a guarantee there isn’t and the right to sue you into oblivion if you are wrong!

Oh , but I drift! I am under seige, so help me please. Cornered by deceit and betrayal and lies. Corruption of all nature chokes me. I cannot hold against the rush anymore. The pushing and shoving. And blaspheming? No! that is just old granma’s talk. In a world where truth is about scientific fact, God is only wild theory right now. And don’t look amazed, there is no billions of dollars of research going anywhere in THAT direction. That kind of money only goes into POSSIBILITIES that are useful to mankind!

Someone help please. I’m beseiged by this organized mayhem and chaos. I am a misfit in a world where such hunger. Forgive me that I cannot eat dog. That, I refuse to do. But I am at my wit’s end now. Having fallen so far, I dare not fall further for fear that I am now closer to the dark, closer to that deep from whence rise these siver springs powered by the design of the that once Archangel who reaps of us now just as he has sown. Shall he win ? Shall Chaos rule here on Earth, too? Is there anyone left that has not been moulded in the design of the Fallen Ones? The harvest is rich I’m sure. I dream the fallen Archangel smiles his wry smile and laughs in the face of Him in whom we chose not to believe.  

And so I despair. My soul is under seige. It hath no place to go if ye God should defeat.

Caution: Plant Genetic Engineering

This with regard to plant genetic engineering. Creativity fuelled by the developments and discoveries of worldwide scientific research coupled with the easy availability of material and knowledge, when indulged in at ‘garage’ level, is bound to spawn complex problems in future.

We continue to ignore the fact that plantlife being an easy human target continues to be treated as something abstract. It’s time we began to treat and understand plants as a living thing. So much noise about humanity and animals rights by activists, but apart from deforestation vis a vis the environment plants are not understood as much else.

 Take note that we are playing, in genetic engineering, with that most important lifeform that feeds humanity and all life on this planet- indirectly if not directly- almost singlehandedly, maintains the balance of the soil- in its natural existence, and helps in maintaining the environmental and ecological balance (and relate this to land, air and water and all  living things on this planet). The culture of seeds and plants to increase yield to meet the needs of a growing world population or the fancy of creativity without too many checks and controls, is playing dangerously and callously with the laws of nature, which – accept it you brains out there, look at your daily weather forecasts and rate yourselves honestly for a change- we dare not pretend to know too much about and especially with regard to plantlife since THAT is one form of life which despite it’s cardinal importance does not draw too much attention as plants do not bleed or scream their pain.

All seeds and plants are in their current state of being through eons of development and change in their genes, in their shape and form and nature. Nature has its way of doing away with those that would interfere or go against it’s laws or against the very existence of its vast system. That the plants and seeds of today have undergone that ruthless test and survived/ been allowed to survive speaks volumes of their value to the this good earth. To change them with the limited knowledge we have for experiments’ sake or the needs of today or to engineer new breeds must be done only if need be and that with caution. A new drive is the need of the day to make aware the world of the importance of plantlife and need also of renewed endevour to learn more of plants and their importance in this our system.

A- Political India

Money, old friend, what are we doing about that 2 G – or was it 3G?- the media has made a lot out of it! 

Oye Soniye, lots of people made lots on it. And that it is not 2 or 3 G is just what the problem is- that boy Raja overdid it and went beyond the acceptable limits! Otherwise, with Obama coming in, the Asiad and all that hype about some Gold, all the cricket and all the other stuff, the matter would be long blown over by now.

We can’t be sitting ducks, Man, something’s got to be done. Why do these people get their necks in where they can’t get out! Look at Sassy, he’s learnt-  talkin about Arundhati Roy now instead of Bapu and Nehruji, and Doing only what he can marry in a hurry if things seem to be getting out of hand.

Oh yes, Sonja, Sassy’s got smarter, seems like he can’t help doin it all the time, but he, too, will have to draw a line somewhere, thrice is a bit too much don’t you think ? The thousands of Gs is another thing altogether, on the positive side the slumdogs don’t really understand what all those figures mean, they have graduated to thinking upto a Crore with our Big Bee flashing the figure on TV all the time and smaller figures could therefore stir up a public upheaval but amounts beyond that aren’t really understood by the poor mutts. Even Hairy Thakre’s men haven’t made much noise about it. In fact, just the mention of money shuts them up just a bit. All the noise against that poor little rich boy Shark Khan and even our very own puttar Tondulkar, and talk about culture and national sentiment being hurt, about censoring things and objectionable stuff, breaking down property and bashing up anyone in the way! BUT they didn’t mind being labelled slumdogs internationally that time with that slumdog movie. And I know it was to do with the million mentioned there. So too much of noise about Raja and the too many Gs is unlikely. In fact the other day when all had sort of quietened down, I passed by Raja and patted him on the shoulder and of course the media picked up that scrap but as usual the poor illiterate blokes got it wrong saying I was showing support for the man. To think the premier could be so naive! 

So you got things under control Bunny! Good. Mama Mia, I was beginning to worry just a bit! Keep me posted Buns, what would I do without you?

where Fairplay?

Why all the hue and cry and sudden ‘concern’ over Chinese trade policies?  We cried foul against the communists and their protectionist market policies. We bashed them across their heads all these years for their dark, cold, demonic ways and had the Church and Media and the world condemn them to eternal hell, poor folk! (Let’s skip the errant Russian souls running around with their version of the free market for now.) The Chinese decided to play our game and now that it seems they have the free market by the scruff of the neck and are dragging it happily around, trying to play our game the best they can and actually doing pretty well! It appears rather unsporting that we want to come up with new laws and checks on the game that never seemed to exist before. Are some people looking like crybabies here, and the respected USA behaving like the typical hurt bully?

lost sheep

lost sheep.

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